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Why is the cloud really cool?

Cloud services are increasingly becoming more popular among firms as well as consumers. In Apps'n Downs we embrace this new world and believe that this is a great opportunity for all companies to increase automation of their business processes and drive valuable insights from their interactions. What was only possible for the largest corporates a decade ago - is available and affordable for even the smallest companies today.

The great thing about a cloud service is that it is available when you need it. No need for huge investment in infrastructure and endless development costs for complex solutions. A cloud solution is easily designed and deployed. It is agile in the sense that it can easily be adapted to your needs so it always reflects your business requirements

Cloud solutions can be combined to serve a full proces flow and ensure that complex but tedious business processes are carried out to the point - but with limited use of costly ressources. This is an opportunity for your business to focus on the important stuff - namely getting new business and serve you clients well. However, it is not just about optimization ...

Smart phones enable users to access the cloud whenever and whereever needed - also taking advantage of geo position, images, or other sensor measures which are available on modern smart phones. This empowers your mobile workforce in a total new way - and your information flow can be fully utilised. You do not need to spend time and ressources on collecting and distributing data. You main concern is to drive value from your data.

Modern analytics and machine learning algorithms can help you bring order in chaos and all the new data. A cloud solution can analyze your data on an ongoing basis and provide you new insights to your business and clients. Scenario planning and decision modelling can ensure that your do not constantly have to monitor and assess these insights.

You can actually have modern analytics drive a lot of the more tedious stuff in your business. Risk management is no longer something only carried out in large investment bank and pension funds. You can safeguard your business - making it more stable and easier to manage. Then you can focus on what drives your business - your vision - your value proposition - your growth.

Our offerings

Apps'n Downs offers all the elements around a modern cloud solution which can support your business. We design and build your cloud services, your mobile interfaces and optimise your workflows. We can also help you analyze and understand your business information and turn it into solid business decisions. You can either pick the elements you will need or let us design a full cloud service which can automate a business proces for you.

Apps'n Downs enables you and your company to

How do I get started?

New things can get pretty abstract - but cloud solutions really are not. You are welcome to book us for a free introductionary meeting where we can present some specific applications and maybe inspire you to think in a new way about your business. Also we would like to understand your business and produce a catalogue of specific cloud solutions which can enrich or optimize your business. This is also free of charge and you are not obliged to buy anything.

call your Apps'n Downs consultant at + 45 23 98 89 25 or write us a mail