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Cloud services and mobility

Apps'n Downs started out building apps for smart phones and have increasingly expanded our services into the cloud-based services. The combination of local devices for sending or receiving data with a central cloud service has a lot of useful applications. Smart phones made it possible for everyone to get data on the move and to document their surroundings in image, sound, geo-positioning, scanning via RFID-tags or near-field-communication or simple text. By sending data to a central source broader insights can be made accessible for all connected devices. Everone connected can benefit from the greater picture either being exposed via simple statistics, pattern recognition or advanced deep learning methods. Cloud services are easy to scale and therefore extremely cost-effective platforms in a changing business environment. Apps'n Downs recognize that Cloud Services are exposed to cyber threats and we always take this aspect into account when designing our solutions.

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology

The advent of Bitcoins in 2008/9 signifies the emergence of cryptocurrencies based on a data structure based on hashed keys called a blockchain and a distributed ledger where each participant or user of the system holds a copy of the collective systems state. Blockchain also marks the entry into a future where 'money' can be programmed through smart contracts or exchange can be done pier-to-pier and without any central third party in between. The new possibilities of the technology obviously also raise the question how to avoid misuses like money-laundering or tax-evasion. Financiel applications are but the tip of the iceberg - distributed ledger technology and blockchains holds the promise of a future with a completely different Internet with built-in autentification, signatures and provenance of all types of information.

Financial Messaging MX - ISO20022

Financial messaging links financial systems together. With the introduction of ISO20022, financial institutions will have access financial messaging based on the well-proven and syntactical strong format called eXtended Markup Language (XML). All payment settlement systems will have to migrate to ISO20022 by November 2025 but the standard is also gaining ground within the realms of securities, collateral and trade applications. Are your organisation or the financial eco-system you participate in about to embrace the ISO20022 future? Then let us help you on this important voyage.

We are good listeners

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About Apps'n Down

Apps'n Downs was founded in 2011 with the intent of explore new technologies based on distributed principles and make them available for businesses. We provide our clients a competitive edge by helping them innovate, build new value propositions and penetrate new markets. Our clients follow a "blue ocean" strategy - meaning that they navigate successfully in deep and unexplored "waters". If you are about to embark on a new adventure into the future you might consider having Apps'n Downs at your side.

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